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Kalrez / FFKM O-Rings & Customized Parts

We manufacture FFKM O rings in India and supply globally.

FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer) offer excellent resistance to chemicals and Extreme Temperatures. They are used in niche applications that involve severe chemicals at temperatures up to 320° C

we offer four standard materials designed to suit various applications as under:

1. MR1052: FFKM grade designed and formulated to offer Broad Chemical Resistance in extreme environments.

2. MR1053: is a grade of FFKM that offers extreme chemical resistance in extremely demanding environments like Amines.

3. MR1054: offers a temperature resistance of up to 280 degree Celsius and a broad resistance to fluids including Steam.

4. MR1055: is a superior High temperature capability grade of FFKM designed by us to offer stability at up to 300 degree celsius and resistance to harsh chemicals.

FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer) offer excellent    resistance to highly aggressive chemical    processing, Oil & Gas recovery and Extreme  Temperatures. 

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Kalrez is a trade name of FFKM material manufactured by Dupont.