Mangla Rubber Technologies
Mangla Rubber Technologies
Providing High Performance Sealing Products


"Capabilities" at Mangla go beyond the right tools, and start with the right people.



Mangla Rubber Technologies offer a wide range of materials, many formulated to meet popular international standards. In addition we offer a range of materials especially compounded for use in specific applications. Please contact us for more details.

Our experts work with you to ensure the materials provide intended service in demanding applications at the most affordable cost. Our India based, purpose built technology centre has all of the latest equipment expected from a leading developer of high performance materials.

Elastomers can be supplied in a wide range of hardnesses and colours, including transparent silicones.

Our engineers are happy to assist and advise on the choice of material for any specific application. This will be based on selecting the best material for the required performance to ensure you are getting the service you would expect from an industry leading company.

Our seals in various rubbers are designed to handle a variety of operating conditions. Service temperature ranges from -46°C to +315°C. A broad chemical resistance keeps them performing in highly corrosive media.


Various types of rubbers we specialize in are:

1. Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

2. EPDM Rubber

3. Neoprene Rubber

4. Natural Rubber

5. FKM or popularly known as Viton® Rubber

6. Silicone Rubber

7. Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR)

8. Aflas®

9. Butyl Rubber

10. SBR 

11. Polyurethane Elastomers 

12. Kalrez® / FFKM

Specialty compounds have also been developed to serve the severe conditions in application. Our in-house developed rubber compounds deliver high performance and long life in every industry.

Engineering Thermoplastics:
Engineering thermoplastics, like PTFE, provide lightweight strength with broad chemical resistance. A wide operating temperature range makes them particularly suited for various demanding applications, and they afford a high degree of design flexibility when molding. Whether as backup rings, in mechanical seals, or in electrical connectors, this versatile material imparts long life and reliable performance across markets.


Research & Development:
Our engineers work collaboratively with customers to develop solutions that deliver lasting benefits for next-generation technologies

Application Engineering:
With industry and material expertise across a range of technologies, our application engineers enable DFM (design for manufacturability) capabilities for our customers

Process Engineering:
By enabling product realization through advanced technology and leadership, our Process Engineers drive innovative solutions to the market

3D Modeling:
Ensures a proper and accurate fit of all components and hardware


  • Rubber Compression Moulding
  • Rubber Injection Moulding
  • Rubber to metal bonding
  • Rubber Extrusion


  • ISO 9001 Certified


  • Materials test lab—Advanced equipment to evaluate technical properties of raw material for quality control and to support proprietary material development.
In-house Mould manufacturing:
  • CNC milling
  • Lathe / turning

A mould being manufactured in-house
Rubber Rheology for material development
High temperature immersion in liquids for Research & Development
Hot air ageing for R&D of high performance rubber compounds